‘Elwood’ expresses his spirit through music

This is Bitterroot. On-stage, far left on the drums is Joey Carpenter in a black tank top, a moustache, with long brown hair. To his right, Lauren Bihr, the female vocalist. She wears a black top as well, a skirt and a bead necklace. On the far right, Bitterroot’s “second right-hand man” Foster Haney on guitar and harmonica. And front and center, with a deep-black beard and hair and a voice like a small-town Scott Stapp, Colton “Elwood” Hane

Thriller ‘Wait Until Dark’ opens Thursday

• Details: Admission is $5. For reservations, call the box office at 541-962-3757 I’m imagining Mikayla Nitz, her long brown hair rolling down her back, her stern countenance, walking through the set during rehearsal for “Wait Until Dark,” completely blindfolded. She can’t see, but she hits every turn, doesn’t bump the set. She’s been doing this for weeks, practicing blind physicality for her upcoming part as Susy, a blind woman who defends her house against three con men looking for heroin.

Eastern Oregon Film Festival goes ‘Planetary’

• What: “Planetary” feature following “All Your Favorite Shows!” short • Details: Festival pass holders plus others as space allows. $9.50 adults, $7.50 children ages 3 to 10, $7.50 for seniors 55 and older “I would like you to come with me on a great adventure, an exploration of humanity’s potential as seen through the eyes of the planet, and to share with me a vision of our evolutionary future. The journey will take us beyond this place and time, allowing us to stand back and behold humanity

Quickly And Simply Start Your Small Business on Facebook Ads

Social media is quickly rising in preeminence in the advertising world. And while there are very viable uses for other advertising platforms (e.g. newspaper, radio, Google pay-per-click, etc), social media in its many forms continues to evolve into a more and more competitive option for small businesses to get the word out about their products and services. According to bluecorona.com, 81% of millennials checked their Twitter every day in 2017. 79% of American internet users actively use Facebo

Women and Women: Use of Women Types as Rhetorical Techniques in Atwood’s Handmaid’s Tale and Tepper’s Gate to Women’s Country.

Abstract: In this article, I argue both Margaret Atwood in Handmaid’s Tale and Sheri S. Tepper in Gate to Women’s Country use the same three ‘women type’ characters to explore ideal female gender roles and their relationship to society. Further, I argue that both authors use these characters as part of their bigger rhetorical engagement with the American gender essentialist political movements of 1980s. In particular, I argue that Atwood’s types, despite her empathy with the feminist movement, d